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We are proud to have worked with Tem-po, a local estate agency, on their their new, improved website. The company has a reputation for outstanding customer service and wanted to utilise new technology to make communicating with with their customers easier than ever.

The new website has many new features including Live Chat, which is available during office hours, or a message service when the agency is offline.

“We are delighted with the new website as it makes it so much easier to talk to our customers,” said Annette Jones, Tem-po Managing Director. “They are at the heart of everything we do, and we hope that they find it to be user friendly. We’ve had wonderful feedback so far.”

Tem-po estate agency new website launch

The new website is easier to navigate and use, with a much simpler layout. We have made the most sought out information much easier to find, such as contact details, lettings and sales package prices. The website is fully responsive, and looks as good on mobile or tablet as it does on desktop.

Preston based AC3 Solutions developed the site, prioritising customer experience. Alan Cree, Head of Development said, "We've enjoyed working on this project with Annette and the team at Tem-po. Our aim was to provide a clean and uncluttered website and also to highlight the wonderful work they do and in expressing their outstanding customer service skills, caring ethos and attention to detail."



Twitter has launched advertising by postcode in the UK. Until now, when sponsoring posts selecting your desired audience by area, users could only drill down areas to large city metropolitan areas.

Twitter says:

Within the US, the UK, Canada Spain and France, you can also use geo-targeting more granularly to reach specific regions, cities, and zip/postal codes. We are continually expanding into new countries and regions and will update this page to reflect our progress.

This is great news for businesses who want to advertise to potential customers nearby or in specific areas. Using geo-targeting in conjunction with demographics such as age and interests can make promoting your posts to a precise audience even more accurate, thereby making advertising much more cost-effective.


Want to know more? Contact us and we'll have you tweeting in no time.

A fresh new brand for JMC Group and JMC Northwest civil engineers which has been applied to the stationery and to a new direct mail campaign created by ac3.



Drupal hack - 'Don't panic' if you're a client of ac3! Drupal announced a serious security flaw this week that may have compromised up to 12 million websites.

Their official statement ( indicates that those who didn't respond within 7 hours of the announcement should 'assume' they have been hacked.

Many millions of technicians would unfortunately have been asleep at the time of the announcement and would have been well outside of the 7 hour window Drupal advised.

Although we don't use Drupal at ac3 it is a reminder that security is a constant and ongoing concern.  It wasn't long ago that we had Heartbleed (  to contend with.   Although we do use open source software such as Joomla and Wordpress we offer a strict update policy along with a rigourous backup regime to ensure that we are protected as best as we can be from online threats.

To help overcome potential threats at ac3 we apply a series of 'none standard' updates to open source frameworks to help reduce the potential of automated attacks.  

The best defence we have is in using our own custom built CMS system.  Although intended initially to be extremely easy to use and efficient the added benefit is in it's security. Automated attacks looking for a specific vunerability in an open source module simply doesn't exist as our CMS is unique. 

For those who are running Drupal CMS, head over to Drupal for advice and guidance on protecting your systems.




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