The complete student management system, making project qualifications easy

Project Q is a web based system and can be accessed any time, anywhere. All that is needed is an Internet connection and browser.

So Why Project Q?

Students complete the on line Production log and export into the exam board template on completion.

Project Q is tailored for the AQA specification although Project Q will work with other exam boards. The system was developed by teachers for teachers and as such it is intuitive, easy to use requiring no or very little training.  View our introductory guides from the support section for an overview.

To arrange a demonstration or to find out more, call for a chat on 01772 36 70 76.

Or take a look at the Project Q website to see how you can do the right thing and make a difference in your school.

“It’s not just a complete system, it’s a partnership which benefits the school enormously.

Gaynor F Gorman, Principal. Lostock Hall Academy