School Synergy is a complete and intuitive school system which dispenses with the need for many different and expensive systems in schools.

There are already many good systems available in education supporting different aspects of school life.

So Why School Synergy?

On their own these independent systems often overlap in function, become cumbersome to use and fail to provide a central, holistic overview.

Our ambitious solution brings together over 30 separate systems into a single integrated system providing meaningful ‘joined-up’ information in a very easy to use and intuitive interface.

To arrange a demonstration or to find out more, call for a chat on 01772 36 76 30.

Or take a look at the School Synergy website to see how you can do the right thing and make a difference in your school.

“It’s not just a complete system, it’s a partnership which benefits the school enormously.

Gaynor F Gorman, Principal. Lostock Hall Academy